engineering companies in the U.S.

Using the NSPE code of ethics, pick one of the cases below, and write a 2-3 full-page, 12pt font, double spaced reflection paper on how you would handle the ethical situation. You should cite at least one rule in the NSPE ethical code in your process. Please include the in-text citation and the full citation in a reference section. Pick one of these cases to reflect on:

  1. Dr. Sakoto, a licensed professional engineer, is a full-time engineering faculty member at a large university. Dr. Sakoto is currently involved in a series of accreditation visits being conducted by an academic accreditation group and not readily available to students and faculty. However, following an accreditation meeting, Dr. Sakoto is told by one of their students, Carlos, that during a recently written engineering examination in a class taught by faculty member Dr. Richards, Carlos observed Jacob using a phone to photograph a test question with the apparent purpose of sending the photograph to a second student—seeking the second student’s assistance on the test question. Carlos advised Dr. Sakoto that after she immediately reported the incident to Dr. Richards, Dr. Richards spoke to Jacob, but there did not appear to be any further consequences resulting from Jacob’s actions.
  2. Jeremy is a graduating senior with excellent credentials from WVU. Jeremy has had a series of job interviews with engineering companies from around the U.S. Following interviews with several industrial companies, Jeremy decides to accept an offer with ABC Incorporated located in his hometown of Townville, and plans to notify ABC the following week. In the interim period, Jeremy receives a call from Amanda, an executive with XYZ Incorporated, a potential employer with whom Jeremy had interviewed. On behalf of XYZ, Amanda offers Jeremy a position with XYZ and invites Jeremy, at XYZ’s expense, to visit XYZ’s headquarters in Mountainville, a city located near a resort area, following Jeremy’s graduation. Jeremy had earlier decided he would not accept a position with XYZ if offered a position by ABC because Jeremy wanted to be close to family and friends in Townville, and also because ABC provided better long-term professional opportunities. However, after receiving the call from XYZ, Jeremy decides to accept the invitation to visit XYZ’s headquarters and combine the trip with a post-graduation vacation, believing that the visit to XYZ will broaden Jeremy’s knowledge of the employment market, as well as future professional opportunities with XYZ. The week after the trip, Jeremy calls ABC to inform the company that he will accept the position with ABC
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