ENG120 Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography: An annotated bibliography is an incredibly valuable tool for any scholar! The annotated bib is a list of sources that have specifically formatted notes attached to them. For this assignment, I am not concerned with the language you use. You can be casual in your writing! I ask that you spend your time reading, annotating, and thinking about the sources that you identified and how they interact with the research project as you have it envisioned right now.

Keep in mind: your research project should be fluid right now and your ideas should be evolving. For this purpose, you should frame your inquiry in terms of research questions and not a thesis.

  1. To begin your annotated bibliography, write one paragraph that describes your over-all research project. Be general here. The paragraph is there to help me understand what you are working on.
  2. Once you write your intro paragraph, begin your annotations. Start by citing the first source fully. Just like in a bibliography/references/works cited page, you need to include your sources alphabetically. Your need to use the hanging indent for each citation.
  3. Each source needs to have a 2-paragraph annotation. Your annotations need to be justified to the lower line of the citation’s hanging indent.
  4. Each source needs to have a 2-paragraph annotation. This is not optional. Paragraph 1 is a summary of the piece: what are the key points? What are the key quotes? What types of research methods were used to produce the results? In this paragraph you are not including opinions or judgments—you are merely telling me what the source says. The quotes are also important, so make sure that you include the most important ones that you want to return to later on.
  5. Paragraph 2 needs to critique and reflect on the source: what was done well? What was not done well? What do you THINK about the source in general? Once you do a bit of critique, spend some time writing about what this source will help you accomplish in your own paper: why is this a good choice for your research? What about this work will help you make your case? In addition, in the final paragraph, you need to tell the audience how you plan on using the piece that you are annotating. Here is where you begin to be judgmental and evaluative.

You need to annotate a minimum of 8 sourcesKeep in mind that you will not have to annotate all sources that you plan to use for your research and also that annotations are not included in the works cited/references lists in the final paper

For this piece, there is no page limit—there is the number of sources (8) and number of annotation paragraphs each source needs to include (2).


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