Emergency Management Models: The county of Sarasota

The county of Sarasota is located along the Gulf of Mexico; southwest Florida. It covers 725.2 square miles of which 153.6 square miles are under water. It has an estimated population of 358, which with the present growth rate is expected to reach 515,100 by 2030. High risk hazards in the county include; surge from tropical cyclones and wild fires. Of the population in the county, 23.3% are exposed to storm surges and 28% to flooding (The City of Sarasota, 2010). Due the expected population growth and the fact that most times a number of counties give emergency warning simultaneously, this strains evacuation avenues such as roadways and increases the evacuation time. It is expected that it would take between 10 and 15 hours to evacuate the county depending on storm magnitude (Florida Disaster, 2010). As per the requirement in Coastal element, counties should reduce evacuation times by either using better data to evaluate risks and areas to evacuate or to build better shelters in order to reduce evacuees. In order to enhance responsiveness to disasters, various models that are used in planning, response, recovery, or mitigation have been devised and used.




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