Economic research;the mobile network

12. Bicycle accidents are more a function of the average distance travelled than the number of bicycles on the road. True/False/Cannot say

VII. Despite vehicle improvements and campaigns for road safety, many injuries and fatalities are still caused by collisions and other incidents involving vehicles. According to investigations in the United States, some of these accidents could be prevented through the development of a mobile internet network. All of the cars on a stretch of road would be linked to each other, comprising the mobile network. Only one of these vehicles would need to be connected to the internet to download travel news to the mobile network. The studies highlight the safety advantages of such a system, which would enable drivers to find out about accidents and potential dangers as they happen and in relation to their particular location. Drivers and emergency service teams would have detailed information about problematic areas. There are, however, possible drawbacks to the development of such networks, not least that the availability of data including that the availability of data within them could facilitate privacy infringement.

13. A mobile network would allow for drivers to ascertain the distance between their location and an accident ahead.

True/False/Cannot say

14. All of the cars included in the mobile network can be connected to the Internet.

True/False/Cannot say

VIII. Economic research has identified a trend exhibited by one in six Britons of hiding cash in their homes instead of investing it. This is termed the ‘Biscuit Tin Economy’. It is estimated that £3.5 billion is currently hidden in homes across the country. While there are various reasons for hiding cash, 6% are doing so to conceal it from their partners, and 4% believe their money to be safer at home than in a bank. Researchers maintain that these actions demonstrate economic folly, and that, as a result, Britons are sacrificing up to £174 million in interest each year. This ‘Biscuit Tin Economy’ is betraying those who trust in it, as it renders their hidden money both unproductive and potentially unsafe, whereas it could be profitably invested in stocks or a high-interest savings plan.

15. The majority of people who hide cash on their property do so because they either do not trust the bank or they are hiding it from their partner.

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