Early physical maturation

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1. Developmental Psychology

Mike is a 15-year-old high school student who is considering what classes to take in his next year of high school. Discuss how each of the following aspects of development would impact his decision about which classes to take:

Early physical maturation

Emergence of formal operational thought

Ego-identity status

Emergence of post-conventional morality

Adolescent egocentrism

Androgynous sex role

Secure attachment as an infant


You are to discuss how these concepts relate to Mike’s choice of classes next year. Generic definitions of the terms or other contexts will not be accepted.

2. Research Methods: Design an Experiment

Design an experiment that tests the hypothesis, “Cooperative learning is more effective in raising test scores than direct teacher instruction.” Use the following terms in your response:

Independent and dependent variables

Random sampling and assignment

Experimental and control grouping

Ethical considerations

An interpretation of what statistically significant results would mean for this experiment


You must address the hypothesis given in the question. You cannot develop an experiment that does not address this hypothesis.

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