Distinguish between software verification and validation

a. Briefly describe the object oriented design process. (5 Marks)
b. Part of your responsibility as the software project manager is to oversee staff recruitment. In recent
weeks, a number of staff has been resigning from your organization. What do you think are some of
the reasons why they are resigning? (5 Marks)
c. Assuming that four of your eight programmers have resigned in the last one month, what remedial
steps would you take to ensure that the gap left by these resignations would not affect your schedule
for the current project? (5 Marks)
d. It has been argued that before you start designing classes, interfaces etc, you should first design the
system architecture. Why is it important to settle the matter of the system architecture before delving
into other types of design? (5 Marks)
a. What is the meaning of automated static code analysis and how does it help in improving software
quality? (6 Marks)
b. What are some of the limitations of Lehman’s laws of evolution? (4 Marks)
c. There is evidence that maintenance costs for software can range anywhere between two times (2*) to
one hundred times (100*) the cost of software development. Explain why this is so. (5 Marks)
d. Given the following search form for a library system, develop a use-case diagram to illustrate how
users will be interacting with the form. (5 Marks)





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