Distinguish between ERP and SCM software. In what ways do they complement each other? Why should they be integrated

Chapter 10 Writing Assignment

  • Due Jul 7 at 11pm
  • Points 200
  • Questions 14
  • Time Limit None
  • Allowed Attempts Unlimited


Chapter 10, Enterprise Systems and Applications.

Organizations continue to run older business systems, called legacy systems. Legacy systems may be retained because they form the core of mission-critical computing systems. The disadvantage of older systems is that they are expensive to maintain, cannot be updated without significant effort, and lack the flexibility to interface – connect to – and exchanger data with newer ITs or to taker advantage of Internet-enabled business processes. Because of their challenges, when companies need to update mission-critical legacy systems, they turn to enterprise information system software.

Enterprise information systems, or simply enterprise systems (or enterprise software), integrate core business processes and functions that you read about in Chapter 9 . Integration is achieved by linking databases and data warehouses so that data can be shared.

In this chapter, you learn how cross-functional enterprise systems support the organization’s mission and business models.

  1. Turn to page 325 and read IT at Work 10.5 1800-Flowers.com Uses Data Mining for CRM
  2. Respond to questions 1 through 3
  3. Turn to page 329 and read Questions for Discussion & Review
  4. Respond to questions 1 through 9
  5. Turn to page 330 and read Case 2 – Supply Chain Collaboration in the Cloud at Lenovo
  6. Respond to questions 1 through 4

1. Why is being number one in operational efficiency not enough to keep 1-800-FLOWERS.COM at the top of its industry? Explain.

2. What is the role of data mining? Explain.

3. How is the one-to-one relationship achieved in such systems? Explain.

4.Review the scenario and question on page 329 and discuss points A, B, C and D here.

5. Distinguish between ERP and SCM software. In what ways do they complement each other? Why should they be integrated?

6.State the business value of enterprise systems and how they can be used to make management of the supply chain more effective.

7.What are the problems in implementing ERP systems? Describe each.

8.Explain how vendor-managed inventory can save costs in the supply chain.

9. Find examples of how two of the following organization improve their supply chains: manufacturing, hospitals, retail, education, construction, agribusiness and shipping. Discuss the benefits to the organizations. Site any reference articles, websites or text where your examples are found.

10.It is claimed that supply chains are essentially “a series of linked suppliers and customers; every customer is in turn a supplier to the next downstream organization, until the ultimate end user”. Explain.

Attach a diagram to assist in your explanation in word document format. (I highly recommend a nice feature called “smart art”). Include BOTH your response to the question and the supplemental visual aid in the word document format.

11. Discuss why it is difficult to justify CRM.

12.A supply chain is much more powerful in the Inter marketplace. Discuss how Internet technologies can be used to manage the supply chain.

13. What major changes occurred at Lenovo between 2005 and 2011?

. How did those changes impact Lenovo?

14.Explain Lenovo’s goal for it’s supply chain .

In the transition from legacy to cloud, what were it’s two requirements?


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