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In this module, you learned about troubleshooting a variety of computing issues. Sometimes users communicate their computing issues via email, and IT professionals need to help users troubleshoot via this means of communication. For this week’s discussion, you will attempt to troubleshoot an issue that a user is experiencing as if you are emailing back and forth.

In your initial post, address the following:

  • Imagine that you are a user writing an email to an IT help desk because you are experiencing a computer issue.
    • In the email, explain what the issue is and provide some context that will help an IT professional solve the issue, such as stating the OS, software, hardware, and similar details. You can describe an issue that you actually have experienced as a user or one that you think is common for many users to experience.

In response to two of your peers, address the following:

  • Respond to the email as if you are an IT professional working at a help desk.
    • If you are having issues troubleshooting the user/system error because you do not have enough information, ask the user clarifying questions. Consider the following:
      • What important information do I need to know in order to troubleshoot the user/system error?
      • Did the initial post provide me with enough information to identify the probable cause and to implement the fix?
    • If you believe that you have enough information, state your hypothesis concerning the issue’s cause in the email response.
    i need two paragraphs for the initial post
  • for my peer posts I will post their discussion and i need a paragraph reply to each discussion seperately

Requirements: in the instructions   |   .doc file

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