Discusses some moral and ethical issues.

This assignment is about ethics (and, by extension, morality) with regards to marketing in a business environment.
You are to write an essay (min 500 words) that discusses the issues that may arise in a business as it creates marketing activities, and as it conducts business in general. You should give examples of some of these challenges, and propose solutions, realizing that what is supposed to happen in theory doesn’t necessarily happen in practice.

Chapter 3 in the text discusses some moral and ethical issues, and previous chapters discussed values in marketing. You may want to mention some of these as examples. You can pick a specific aspect of ethical issues in business, or talk about ethics in business on a general level. The idea is to explore moral and ethical issues in marketing.

Other details:

  • This should be a Word document (no pdf or any other format; .dox or .docx
  • You are to use either Arial 11 point font, or Time Roman 12 point font, and all lines double-spaced.
  • You don’t need a title page, but you should have a title and subheads if necessary
  • You should use a running header with your name and “Ethics assignment” in that header.
  • Use page numbers at the bottom.
  • Spelling, grammar and formattng count!
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