Discuss why lifestyles are a useful way to segment the market


Write a report demonstrating how the marketing strategy of a Cruise ship company (e.g., P&O Cruises, Carnival etc.) would differ when targeting two different Roy Morgan lifestyle segments.

Specifically, pick a type of package cruise and pick two Roy Morgan segments (see pp.408-409 in text) for them to target. Then explain how the package cruise company’s marketing strategy (i.e. positioning and marketing mix (4p’s)) would need to differ for each of the segments (Roy Morgan) chosen, use theory and evidence to justify your choices.

In your answer you should choose a cruise ship compnay that you have experience with or admire and would like to work with in the future as the context for your discussion. If they have more than one product or service, please choose one to focus on.

This is a 5 step process

Step 1: Background

Identify the cruise ship company you have chosen and provide a brief description of the organisation, including the service/s they offer. (Use sources to support this description)

Step 2: Theory

Describe the Roy Morgan Lifestyle segmentation system. Discuss why lifestyles are a useful way to segment the market. Pick two Roy Morgan segments to target and briefly describe / profile each. (Use academic sources to provide evidence)

Step 3: Application

Describe the marketing strategy (i.e. positioning and marketing mix (4p’s)) you would use to increase sales to each of the two segments you have chosen. You need to justify each of the choices that you make using theory. Also the choices should be consistent with the nature of the organisation

NB: Remember to link back to the original question (above)

Step 4: Sources and Referencing

You are expected to use at least 6 academic sources for this assignment

Create a reference list using APA 6th style

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