Discuss the various aspects of Legal Education

Question 1
Analyse the case, Marbury v Madison 1 Crach 137 (1003) and its applicability to the Legal System (30 marks).
Section B: Answer 2 Questions from this Section (40 marks; 20 marks for each question)
Question 2
In an Appeal Case, the Kenya Court of Appeal in 2011, has to decide whether a private prosecutor has no right of appeal against an acquittal. As legal advisor, do provide your opinion on which cases the court should rely on. How do judicial precedent/stare decisis, ratio decidendi and obiter dicter apply to this problem? (20 marks)
Question 3
(a) What are the sources of law? (12 marks)
(b) What proposals for regulatory reform can you make for improvements in the workings of the Legal System? (8 marks)
Question 4
(a) Identify and analyse the problems and issues pertaining to the access to legal services  (12 marks)
(b) What solutions will you put forward for rectifying these problems? (8 marks)

Question 5: If you choose Question 5 as your second question in Section B, answer one of the following (that is, one of: 5(a), 5 (b) or 5(c) below):
5(a) Discuss the various aspects of Legal Education (20 marks)
5(b) Discuss the development of the major legal systems of the world as well as the salient features of these systems.(20 marks)
5(c) Outline and discuss the main characteristics of the legal systems of East African Community Countries, with due regard to the similarities and differences between these systems. (20 marks)




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