Discuss the resilience of black masculinity

Last week I asked you to do a brainstorming (order 82065787), and now I just want you to do a work about what you wrote for me about activism.

Here is the description again:
What do slave narratives have to tell us about our present moment?
For essay two you will think about how Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and/or Frederick Douglass’s Narrative help us (you can interpret “us” to mean all Americans, black Americans, and/or the black diaspora) better understand any of the following issues we grapple with today:
• anti-black racism—institutional or individual
• education as a pathway to freedom
• the mis-education of black people
• black motherhood/black fatherhood/black parenting
• activism
• the resilience of black masculinity
• the resilience of black femininity
• the vulnerability of black femininity
• the vulnerability of black masculinity

In choosing one of the topics, please don’t address it as a question that has a right answer. When I evaluate papers, I don’t think in terms of right, especially right, poor, & especially poor interpretations. I look for a reasonably tight focus (a paper that doesn’t ramble), thoughtfulness (not just a summary or reapeat of what we went over in class), and a polished technique (good grammar and punctuation, a non-pompous but not overly informal/breezy style, and so on). In general, a paper that tries to figure out something from an unusual but profound angle and yet doesn’t quite pull it off will make me as happy, indeed happier, than an essay that sounds like GradeSaver/CliffsNotes/SparkNotes. To put this more simply: work hard, but don’t be afraid of taking risks, and try to get in the zone of your own creative thoughtfulness. The best thing you can do to develop one of the topics above, is to stare hard, as it were, at the object of your attention.
Make sure that you provide a specific thesis and please cite specific examples from the text(s) and use at least one source.
Your essay will be rated according to the following criteria:?
1. How directly, fully, and accurately you engage with the questions attached to the topic you choose.
2. How effectively you use your source(s).
3. How well you proofread and eliminate errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, fragments/comma splices/fused sentences, and any other elements that interfere with the effective communication of your ideas.

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