Discuss the relevance of using selection tests in identifying suitable job candidates.

a.) Examine the place of performance appraisal in ensuring effective management of performance in an organization. (10 marks)
b.) Examine the likely contents of a collective bargaining agreement from recent negotiations between the trade union and management of a manufacturing firm. (10 marks)
a.) Explain how you would go about disciplining employees who have engaged in the following forms of misconduct
i. Financial manager who defrauds the organization off 2 million shillings
ii. An employee who comes to work drunk. (10 marks)
b.) Discuss the relevance of using selection tests in identifying suitable job candidates. (10 marks)
a.) Discuss the challenges that managers face in developing appropriate compensation packages for employees. (10 marks)
b.) Examine the key characteristics of an effective health and safety programme. (10 marks)




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