Discuss the process and outcomes of disastrous decision-making

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These are the books you have to reference:

Daft, R. L. (2018). Management (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Osland, J. S. & Turner, M. E. (2011). The Organizational Behavior Reader (9th ed.).Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

This week’s readings focus on the decision-making process and present different models of decision-making. Considering the readings and your own work experience, discuss your observations regarding 1) the process and outcomes of wise decision-making in your workplace; 2) the process and outcomes of disastrous decision-making. Be specific about the steps in the processes and the outcomes. Be specific about the leadership styles in both scenarios. Cite references from the assigned readings.

Discussion reply at least 150 words no plagiarism no copy and paste


Good decision making is a vital part of good management because decisions determine how the organization solves problems, allocates resources, an accomplishes its goals. (Daft 2011) Working in the Medical field involves alot of decision making. Decision making requires a lot of thinking skills. I seen my manager handle difficult conflict, and critical thinking , I seen her recently handle a situation between a patient and doctor. The patient wanted to take the Doctor’s pictures to prove to the court that he’s in the baby life. Doctor was totally against the picture taking and offer to write him a letter to present to the court. The patient disagreed and want continue taking the pictures. Doctor refused to see picture until he deletes the pictures. Management was called to see if she could resolve this situation. She stated that if she report this person to police that it could escalate to something big and she was thinking about the baby, she had to make a decision.

She had to diagnosis and analysis the problem. According to the text, Once a problem or opportunity comes to a managers attention, the understanding of the situation should be refined. Diagnosis is the step in the decision making process in which managers analyze underlying causal factor associated with this decision making. (Daft 2011) in this situation the father had a drug problem. Many times the real problem lies hidden behind the problem that managers think exists. (Daft 2011) My manager realize that the father had a problem and she resolve the situation. The patient end up deleting the photos in both files. Management was able to get him the help he need to continue seeing his baby

Discussion reply at least 150 words no plagiarism no copy and paste


Decisions can make or break a company, sometimes. All it takes is one choice to launch an organization toward success or drive the business into failure. At my previous job, there was a high rate of turn over at the positions of upper management. Along with that came a lot of poor decision making. It was my observation that as new managers would arrive and start making many decisions that I would label as the the Decide style discussed in the Osland and Turner text. This is when a leader would make a decision alone and either announce or “sell” it to the group (Osland and Turner, pg. 523). One time a manager arrived and within a week announced that we would have to up sell products to each customer, no matter the initial reason for their visit to the animal hospital. She was convinced that this would improve bottom line revenue numbers. On the contrary, it caused poor reviews from the clients and drove away business faster than anyone could have imagined. She nearly tanked the entire hospital with her aggressive sales techniques. Making this declaration without really knowing what the clients in the area wanted only made a bad situation worse.

Not all decisions were poor though. An example of a good decision was when an issue of improving the customer service experience was brought up. The manager held a brainstorming session and invited all the employees to share their ideas on the topic. This is like the decision making style called Consult Group. This is when the problem is presented to the group members in a meeting, getting their suggestions, and then making a decision (Osland and Turner, pg. 523). This proved to work out well for the business. Many of the ideas were implemented and vastly improved the customer service experience and effectively raised the number of new clients and previous client retention increased too.

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