Discuss some common forms of employee misconduct

Address the following points in your analysis:

Define ethics and discuss why it is important

Describe the difference between morals, ethics, and law

Discuss some common forms of employee misconduct

Define and provide some examples of corporate social responsibility

Discuss some ways that organizations can improve corporate ethics

Include detailed speakers notes within your presentation and support your presentation with appropriate references.

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Business Proposal/Critical Thinking

1. BP Proposal: Your Start- Up Business For this class, you will be ‘starting’ a business of your choosing, so you must decide what business you are interested in and….

Relevant application of concepts to professional and personal life,

INSTRUCTIONS Each week, you will post a Summary of topics learned, objectives achieved and your personal conclusions as to the practical relevance of the subject material covered. The Summary is….

broblom solving and Decision making

*Introduction about broblom solving and Decision making *Q1: significence of work teams in Organization *Q2: with 1-2 Organizational / business examples for each, explain the following: # problem solving teams…..