Discuss and account for the use of humour , vivid description and Irony in Michael Anthony''s "The year in san Fernando"

1. With relevant examples from the texts that you have studied in this course identify the main characteristics of Caribbean fiction. (30 mks)

2. Discuss Velma Pollard”s treatment of alienation in ”Homestretch” (20mks)

3.Giving relevant examples to illustrate your answer discuss V.S Naipaul”s vision of life in the Caribbean in ”Miguel Street” (20mks)

4. With relevant examples , discuss the nature and impact of colonialism as depicted in George Lamming”s “In the castle of my skin”. (20mks)

5.How does Samuel Selvon effectively employ characterization to depict racial relations in “A brighter sun” (20mks)

6. Discuss and account for the use of humour , vivid description and Irony in Michael Anthony”s “The year in san Fernando”




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