Differentiate between the various types of plate boundaries

Question 1
a) Briefly elucidate the sources of energy for endogenic and exogenic processes (6marks)
b) write explanatory notes on the following (9marks)
i) Absolute dating of rocks
ii) Principle of superimposing
c) How can seismic waves be used to interpret the internal structure of the earth (5marks)
d) Explain five proofs to support the theory of continental drift. (10marks)

Question 2
Give an illustrated account of the structure and composition of the earth (20marks)

Question 3
a) Describe how coriolis force affects global atmospheric circulation (10marks)
b) Outline characteristics of inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) (10marks)

Question 4
Describe how the atmosphere may be divided on the basis ogre vertical temperature differences (20marks)

Question 5
Describe the mode of formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks (20marks)

Question 6
a) Briefly describe the properties of plates that comprise the lithosphere (11marks)
b) Differentiate between the various types of plate boundaries (9marks)





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