difference between monetary and fiscal policy

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Discuss the fiscal policy in kingdom of Saudi Arabia  during the period 2010-2015


  1. a) Define and explain the fiscal Policy?
  2. b) Brief history of fiscal policy.
  3. c) Which is an example of fiscal policy?
  4. d) What are the measures of fiscal policy?
  5. e) What does the fiscal policy include?
  6. f) What is the purpose of an expansionary fiscal policy?
  7. g) What do you mean by fiscal policy?
  8. h) How are taxes used in fiscal policy?
  9. i) What are the different types of fiscal policy?
  10. j) Explain the purpose of Fiscal Policy.
  11. k) Explain how fiscal policy affects aggregate demand
  12. l) Discuss the multiplier effects.
  13. m) How the government of K.S.A can use fiscal policy to stabilize the economy.
  14. n) Discuss the evaluation of fiscal policy.
  15. o) What is the difference between monetary and fiscal policy.

Does fiscal policy solve unemployment?


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