Design a seven day diet / menu that meets the Reference Nutrition Intakes (DoH, 1991) and can be purchased within the budget of someone on a low income (approx. £30).

Coursework Assignment for Nutrition through the lifespan


Diet and Low Income Report


Your assignment:

Design a seven day diet / menu that meets the Reference Nutrition Intakes (DoH, 1991) and can be purchased within the budget of someone on a low income (approx. £30).  You will need to devise a menu, analyse it on Dietplan 6 and price up your shopping list (e.g. Asda website) and write this up as suggested below.


Writing up your report


Provides a summary of the whole report.  Rarely includes any references, usually does give a small amount of key data.  One paragraph long, 200 words or less.



Sets the scene for the report.  Puts the report in the context of the existing literature.

You may wish to include: The importance of diet and public health. The difficulties associated with obtaining a healthy diet on a low income.  State what amount of money is classified as low income and by whom; state or reference where your budget (£30) came from or how that amount was agreed.

At the end of the introduction you usually summarise what you have found and how this can be related to the aim of your report.



State how data was collected and analysed.  State where costing data was obtained.  State Dietplan 6 (Forestfield software, UK) was used to analyse the data.  No further details necessary for this report.  Keep concise and write in the past tense.



Use tables to show the data that was analysed include: your menu, the nutrient value of the diet compared to DRV’s and the price of the shopping list.  All tables should be numbered and have a title in order to stand alone.  However, there must be explanatory text above or below the tables which relate to the tables and explain your findings in words.



Describe the problems faced by those on a low income in obtaining a healthy diet.  Consider family, no. of children, living situation, knowledge, geographical location, cooking skills and anything else which may have an impact on obtaining a healthy diet on a low income.

Critically evaluate your data in light of these problems.  Also you can describe some the problems associated with the data collection or analysis e.g. portion size discrepancies, price changes, coupons, food eaten away from the home etc.

Use references in this section to back up all your arguments and also to compare your results with those of other studies.



Conclude your findings in light of the literature reviewed.  Areas for further work or improvements to study are also sometimes listed.  No more than one page.



Use the Harvard referencing style. Use generously!  Name & year in the text, full listings in alphabetical order at the end.


Supporting information e.g. supermarkets recipe cards? etc.

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