Describe the structure of DNA. What is its function?


1) Define evolution

2) Name the properties that define life and briefly explain each.

3) List the hierarchy of biological organization from the least to the most complex level in all the three tiers of organization.

4) Define:  Biopshere,  ecosystem, community, population, organ systems, organs.

5) What are emergent properties?

6) What are the two processes that define the dynamics of an ecosystem.

7)  Explain the flow of energy and nutrients through an ecosystem.

8)  What is the lowest level of organization that can perform  all the activities required for life?

9) Define :  prokaryotic cell , eukaryotic cell.

10) Differentiate between a prokaryotic cell & a eukaryotic cell and give examples of each.

11)  What are the similarities between prokaryotic  &  eukaryotic cells?

12)  Describe the structure of DNA. What is its function?

13) Define a nucleotide.

14)  What are genes?

15)  Distinguish between a negative feedback system and a positive feedback system.

16)  What is Taxonomy?

17) List the 3 main domains and the differentiating feature between the three.

18) What are the kingdoms under the domain  Eukarya?

19) Describe Darwin’s theory of Natural selection in terms of his observations and his inferences.

20) Define :  hypothesis.

21)  How is discovery based science different from hypothesis based science?

22) Differentiate between qualitative data and quantitative data. Give an example of each.

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