Describe the projected impact of climate change on various aspects of European and Asian Russia

  1. Environmental Assignment: Go to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Links to an external site.) and click on the AR5 button on the middle right hand side of the page.  Select theThird volume of Climate Change 2014 (AR5: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability).  [It is the one with workers in a rice paddy on the cover]
  2. Scroll down the Table of Contents and read through the Europe subregion assessment on the Russian region west of the Urals and the Asian subregion assessment on Russia east of the Urals and study the Reports assessment of climate change on the various topics in that Report (e.g., agriculture, water, forests, etc.)
  3. If Russia is your preferred region, submit your answers to the following questions in a 4-page, double-spaced essay:
  4. Describe the projected impact of climate change on various aspects of European and Asian Russia
  5. What policies can Russia adopt to meet these challenges?.

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