Describe the process of photo/image interpretation

1.a)Describe the process of photo/image interpretation (4marks)
b)Discuss any four elements of recognition as used in image interpretation (1.5marks each)
2.a)Describe two methods for determining scale in vertical aerial photographs (4marks)
b)Vertical exaggeration and reversed relief are two important optical illusions in stereoviewing.Briefly explain each and show how each assist photo interpretation (6marks)
i)Vertical Exaggeration
ii)Inverted relief
3.Remote sensing systems can be divided into 3types on the basis of the portion of electromagnetic spectrum used.Name these and briefly outline the applications,advantages and disadvantages of each of these portions (10marks)
4.Remote sensing can be used for urban land use analysis.Describe how you can use remotesensing to analyze any two of the following urban characteristics.(5marks each)
a)Age of an urban area
b)Socio-economic characteristics





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