Describe the limitations and disadvantages of CPM/PERT.

Question description

Apply your understanding:

Answer ALL of the questions All of your answers should show some level of greater understanding (meaning it should be more than just a few words).

9-1. Why is CPM/PERT a popular and widely applied project scheduling


9-2. What is the purpose of a CPM/PERT network?

9-3. Why are dummy activities used in a CPM/PERT network?

9-4. What is the critical path, and what is its importance in project planning?

9-5. What is slack, and how is it computed?

9-6. How are the mean activity times and activity variances computed in

probabilistic CPM/PERT analysis?

9-7. How is total project variance determined in CPM/PERT analysis?

9-8. What is the purpose of project crashing analysis?

9-9. Describe the process of manually crashing a project network.

9-10. Which method for determining activity time estimates, deterministic or

probabilistic, do you perceive to be preferable? Explain.

9-11. Explain how a Gantt chart differs from a CPM/PERT network, and indicate

the advantage of the latter.

9-12. Discuss the relationship of direct and indirect costs in project management.

9-13. Describe the limitations and disadvantages of CPM/PERT.

9-14. Describe the difference between activity-on-node and activity-on-arrow

project networks.

9-15. Identify and briefl y describe the major elements of project management.

9-16. Select an everyday “project” you are familiar with such as a class project,

preparing a meal, making a pizza, repairing your car. Develop a list

of the activities, a CPM/PERT network (with time estimates), and a

work breakdown schedule for the project.

9-17. Prepare a WBS for a spaghetti with meatballs dinner that includes a

Caesar salad, a loaf of Italian bread, and wine. (Include the different

components of the dinner at the upper level and the various detailed

work activities required by each component at the lower level.)

9-18. Write a paper summarizing an actual project reported on in the magazine

PM Network .

9-19. Describe and discuss the cultural differences between the United States

and a country of your choice that might affect the management of a project in this foreign country.

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