Describe the Bureau of Land Management lands or problem and the challenges related to implementing or pursuing implementation of solutions

Conservation on Public Lands. Present a case study of the economic benefits of public lands. Use real-world data from one category of the following types of public lands: national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests, Bureau of Land Management lands, state parks, local parks, state forests. EVSP201 CASE STUDY Instructions (100 Points; 5 Pages/Approx. 1200 Words) 1. Immediate Issue or Problem. Share the topic you chose for this case study. Describe the issue or problem and the challenges related to implementing or pursuing implementation of solutions. (5 Points, 100 words) 2. Interrelated or Associated Issues. Nothing is simple – explain other related issues or considerations when implementing or pursuing implementation of solutions to this problem. (10 Points, 200 words) 3. Issue Analysis. Summarize the most important pieces of information you learned about this issue. Identify which are facts, opinions, and assumptions. Analyze any financial information presented by the issue – this is an essential part of this assignment! State any long-term issues that might result from addressing this issue. (20 Points, 300 words) 4. Solutions or Options. This is the most important part! List the various options available to resolve the problem. Discuss each option and list the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of each option. (30 Points, 300 words) This is the major part of your case study and demonstrates that you clearly understand the issue(s) and various possible outcomes. There are usually at least 3 good options in a case and often many more. Identify each option clearly and always show the pros and cons of each. 5. Recommendation and Implementation. Based on the analysis of the options, state what you would do to correct the problem (recommendation) and how you would do this (implementation). Your recommendation is usually a restatement of the best option. This is not the time to analyze new options. The implementation plan should list the steps and estimate a time frame for implementation (how long it will take to implement the recommended solution). (20 Points, 200 words) 6. Assessment. Identify the indicators you will use to determine if the implemented solution is effective. Some examples are what type of data will be collected, analysis of the budget (including Return on Investment/ROI), regularly scheduled reviews, etc. The approach you use will depend on the nature of the recommended solution. (10 Points, 100 words) 7. References. List all references used, including weblinks, in this section using APA format.


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Table Business Rules

Chapter 4 discusses Business Rules. For the 5 tables you are working on please establish business rules for each of the tables and columns. For example and using the EmployeeID….