Describe how to determine BOD 5 in a sewage sample.


1. Define Applied Microbiology giving specific examples of why you feel the study is important for the welfare of Human kind.

2. Explain why organisms used for the fermentation of alcohols may be the same and yet the alcohols may be so different.

3. Briefly state the medical advantages derived from Alexander Flamings discovery of penicillin.

4. Describe how to determine BOD 5 in a sewage sample.

5. Define a Coliform and explain the differences between a Coliform and Fecal Coliform.

6. Define at least ANY THREE different types of wine.

7. Describe the methylation of mercury.

8. List important uses of glycerol as an industrial product.

This section is worth 30 marks. Write an essay on any ONE of the topics given below.

1. Prevention of microbial contamination in industrial processes.
2. Use of antibiotics in Agriculture
3. Microbial processes in production of Fats and amino acids.





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