Describe how knowledge and understanding dying with dementia might influence nurses future practice

my part is that
Application to nursing, midwifery, or paramedic practice (choose one depending on the degree group members are enrolled in) (30%)
• Explain why it is important for nurses, midwives, or paramedics to have knowledge and understanding of the topic/issue (keeping in mind the key principle of life course development that lives are lived interdependently, not independently e.g. knowledge of child development is not only important for paediatric and child health nurses, it is important for all nurses because they provide care to adults who have children and grandchildren).
• Describe how this knowledge and understanding might influence your future practice. Will it influence the care you give? How? Why?
• Briefly outline a research project that nurses, midwives, or paramedics could undertake to increase knowledge and understanding of the topic/issue or help translate existing evidence-based knowledge to practice.

could you please provide the speech of my slides as well.
i will present these slides in 3 mins

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