Describe how growth in plants can be determined in the plant house.

1. Describe the following processes in plants
a) Photoperiodism

b) Vernalization

2. Write short notes on the following
a) Juvenility

b) Apical dominance

c) Morphogenesis

d) Senescence

e) Growth analysis indices

3. Describe five applications of plant growth regulators in plant sciences
4. Describe how growth in plants can be determined in the plant house.

5. Highlight two physiological effects of each of the following plant hormones.

a) Abscissic acid

b) Gibberellins

c) Ethylene

d) Cytokinins

e) Auxins

6. Describe the bioassays of indole-3-acetic acid

7. Describe how transport of natural hormones in plants occurs.

8. Describe the metabolism of abscissic acids in plants.


1. Describe different types of plant movements.

2. Describe tryptophan dependent pathway in the biosynthesis of auxin in plants and its mode of action

3. Write an essay on fruit setting, development and ripening.







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