Demonstrate how to use patient classification systems to calculate nursing care hours

Please answer each question, separately
Us 200 word count for each question.
Use 2 references ( Each chapter counts for a reference so Please include another reference for each question.)
Reference: Sullivan, E. J. (2013). Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing (8 ed.). Pearson Education.

1. Describe how effective delegation benefits the delegator, the delegate, the unit, and the organization. Chapter 10

2. Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate questions to ask during an interview
Chapter 15.

3. Demonstrate how to use patient classification systems to calculate nursing care hours
necessary. Chaper 16

4. Describe how motivation and ability affect job performance.
Chapter 17

5. Discuss why succession planning is essential to the future.
Chapter 17

6. Describe criteria that can be used toevaluate staff performance.
Chaper 18


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