Delineate clearly the various types of planning.

1) What is culture?
b) With the use of examples, show how culte can affect implementation of any planed project.

2) Delineate clearly the various types of planning.

3) Why do we need information in the planning process? Discuss exhaustively all the considerations you need to put in place when collecting information for the development of a project.

4) What is distinctive of the Japanese type of management? Which aspects are applicable to our Kenyan situation?

5) State the steps in the planning process and discuss what is involved in all of them.

6) Using relevant examples discuss the merits and demerits of any three theories of decision making.

7) What is policy in the planning process? State clearly it”s importance.

8) Use the Moi University strategic plan of 2005-2015 to explain how SWOT analysis is important to an organization.


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