Define the term buffer overflow giving an example

Question one
a. Differentiate between the terminologies “fault”and “failure”as used in program
security. 3 marks
b. Define the term buffer overflow giving an example. 4 marks
c. The virus writer looks at some of the qualities appealing in a virus. List four of
these qualities. 4 marks
d. Explain about virus signatures. 2 marks
e. State the truths and misconceptions about viruses. 7 marks

Question two
a. Define the term precision. 2 marks
b. Explain database concerns about reliability and integrity using three dimensions.
6 marks
c. Define the term sensitive data. 2 marks
d. Explain the factors that make data sensitive giving examples. 10 marks

Question three
a. What makes a network vulnerable? Explain. 9 marks
b. What is a firewall? 2 marks
c. Explain the types of firewalls. 5 marks
d. Using a diagram state the common components of an intrusion Detection
Framework. 4 marks




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