Define process management and explain the following types of process management I. Multiprogramming II. Multireading III. Multiprocessing IV. Time sharing

1.a)Explain 4 basic functions of a computer and using a diagram show the relationship between the functions.
b) What do the following acronyms stand for
, LAN.
c) printers can be divided into two main categories, explain them giving examples for each.
d) Discuss the following utility programmes
I. Backup
II. File defragmentation
III. Assemblers
iv. Compiler

e) There are various types of cables used for networks, illustrate 3.
f) What is ICT? Explain the impact of ICT on the society.

2a)Discuss the following database models
I. Object – Based Model
II semi structured data Model

b) The CPU has 3 components, discuss them
c) Explain 3 basic techniques used to protect wireless network from unauthorised access
d) What is Internet filtering




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