define and examine police subculture

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Police Subculture


In a 500-750 word paper, define and examine police subculture. Cite a recent example of a dangerous police subculture occurrence. How can police subculture conflict with the police officer’s own values and ethics? In your opinion, can this conflict be prevented?




Police Stress


In a 2-3 page paper, define and analyze stress related to police work. Citing at least two sources during your analysis, identify sources of stress for police officers and discuss how those stressors can impact police performance. Conclude by discussing the options that are available to alleviate those stressors.


Remember to format your paper and cite your sources according to rules of APA style.


Career Opportunities


Please address the following questions in a 2-3-page essay, complete with a title page, reference page, and citations.


1. What career opportunities are available for individuals who obtain a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice?


2. What are the salary ranges of these careers?


3. Are more opportunities available for those individuals who continue in their degrees with a Master’s degree in criminal justice


  • Support your discussion with outside references.
  • Be sure to cite your resource(s).


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