culture effect on the music

In order to explore how music of different periods is used, being able to identify genres of music and the characteristics of the time period in which it was used, as well as how music is used in film and theatre, we will be doing Music Reports for homework which will discuss the use of music in the movie The Blues Brothers (1980).

Instructions: In this numerical order (use the numbers please), respond to the following and submit your typed responses via CANVAS:

  1. Research the following movie. What interesting facts did you find during your research?
  2. What is(are) the name(s) of the composer(s) and/or artist(s)?
  3. What is the research link / book citation you used for your information? FYI: You may not use Wikipedia.
  4. Watch the movie in its entirety. Briefly summarize the main events.
  5. Discuss the ending of the movie.
  6. What was the meaning and purpose behind the resolution at the end and how does it relate to music?
  7. Why was this movie important?
  8. What, if any nominations or awards did the movie and/or music receive?
  9. How was music used in this film? Use an example.
  10. How was music used to tell the story/propel the storyline?
  11. What style of music was represented in this film? How do you know?
  12. How did the era or culture effect the music selections or genre?
  13. What was going on in America at the time (current events) or what had just previously occurred that may have influenced the making of this movie, the subject matter or music, or the musical genre being represented?
  14. What makes this musical movie different from others you have experienced in the past?
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