Cultural Briefing

  1. Part 1: Cultural Briefing (total 100 points): This is the fun part! Your group will informally teach the class about the culture of your target country. Your group’s responsibility will be to introduce the class to the practical side of venturing to a foreign country so that we can be culturally sensitive and know what is expected of us when we are traveling, taking part in an overseas meeting, going to a foreigner’s home, or going out to a restaurant. How do people dress (bring examples?), what is the currency, language (teach us some phrases?), types of music listened to (sample?), what do they drink (sample?), what should the class know about their values, the interesting history, and the country’s institutions and ideologies? This is just the start. The more creative you can be the better. You are evaluated on the quality of the information as well as your creativity.
  2. So I need you to talk about the politics in Amsterdam but I need you to talk about them in general so do not talk in specific thing
  3. make sure to write it and do the powerpoint in easy way to understand and low level of vocabularies and let me know if you have any question
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