Critically examine four implications of moral relativism to educational practice

1. (compulsory)
a) Briefly explain the meaning of the following terms:
i. Character (3 marks)
ii. Character education (3 marks)
iii. Integrity. (3 marks)
b) Using appropriate examples , explain why it is important for a teacher to tell whether the actions performed by a student are ’human acts’ or ‘acts of man’ (8 marks)
c) Assess the strengths and weaknesses of moral education as understood as lived experience in context today. (9 marks)
2. Critically examine four implications of moral relativism to educational practice in the context.
3. Identify three types of ignorance and explain how each can affect a student moral’s responsibility.
4. (a) What is a conscience?
(b) Explain critically the relevance of St. Thomas Aquinas’s principle of double effect the lives students and teachers.
5. The Transparency International 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index Report indicates that  is one of the countries experiencing a serious problem of corruption. Explain five ways through which a course in Character Education and Integrity can provide an effective solution to this problem insociety




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