Critically evaluate the effect of punishments of offenders, the coping strategies they may adopt and the adaptations that are made

COMBO ORDER: DISSERTATION + ASSIGNMENT Dissertation- (No more than 10,000 words) at least 50 references LO1 – identify and justify an appropriate subject and method of research LO2 – demonstrate detailed knowledge of subject-specific academic sources, including appropriate academic theory LO3 – conduct independent research ethically and effectively, as appropriate to the chosen method of inquiry LO4 – critically evaluate evidence, including theoretical sources (literature based) LO5 – construct a lucid and sustained critical argument LO6 – produce a professionally presented and accurately referenced document in line with academic conventions Assignment 1 – punishments and penology (2,000 words) at least 20 references.. – this is the question that the leaning outcomes have to be met by – “the sentencing and punishment of offenders will be influenced by a governments priorities. Critically discuss this statement by drawing upon relevant philosophical, theoretical, conceptual discussions”. LO1 – provide evidence of a critical awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the different theoretical, political positions and penal practice outlined LO2 – show evidence of a sophisticated understanding of the evolution of penal systems by making comparisons with other historical periods, and/or countries, and/or territories. Assignment 2, poem (2,000 words) at least 20 references ( This is the link to the poems, there’s loads to choose from, just as long as you meant the learning outcomes) LO3 – critically evaluate the aims, functions and effectiveness of imprisonment and community sentences (taking account of issues such as rehabilitation, recidivism, resettlement) LO4 – critically evaluate the effect of punishments of offenders, the coping strategies they may adopt and the adaptations that are made. LO5 – provide evidence of a sophisticated understanding of policy and issues relating to the use of imprisonment and community sentences for certain groups of offenders.

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look the samples first because prof wants me to follow the sample I have a group project and the other team member complete the first two deliverable I will attach….

Morals and the government

1:45amMay 29 at 1:45amManage Discussion EntryThanks for the post, Colleen. The way you phrased your discussion brought the following scenario to my mind, and I’d like to know what you….

Robot portfolio

Directions: In this portfolio, you will be graphing conic sections in order to design a robot. For all graphs that will be submitted, use graph paper. Select the link to….