create a flier that can be distributed to high school students to apply to a specific university

Based on what you have learned from the design basics PowerPoint slides you are to create a flier that can be distributed to high school students encouraging them to apply to (Morgan State University).


you know what is aesthetically pleasing. If it looks too sparse or it looks like a cluttered mess, obviously you will not get a good grade.

We look for the AIDA format–based on the design formats in the lecture (Gutenberg, F, or Z…and if that doesn’t make sense to you, watch the PP presentation)

The colors should be pleasing, Orange, Blue, and white. it should represent the university colors.

Visuals used should convey some sort of idea or emotion, not just be thrown in haphazardly.

Remember to get them to ACT! tell them how to apply. People are lazy and will not figure it out on their own.

For an easy program to manipulate and change, use Google Slides or PowerPoint.

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