corporate HR organization,

You are a team leader in the training and development branch of a large corporate HR organization, which is currently looking to fill a junior generalist position in the recruitment branch. Interview protocol in the organization has been a standard structured interview with no notification to the candidates about the questions to be asked. Your boss, the HR director, always invites you to participate as a member of the interview panel. You participated in the interview, and made some interesting observations. One thing you observed was the fact that one candidate answered every question in the interview in exact content detail. She was not all that articulate, but she had every answer in detail, indicating that she had the questions ahead of the interview. This candidate was not selected. You learned that the candidate who was selected also had the questions ahead of time, but her responses lacked both detail and depth. You were surprised the person you viewed as the less able candidate was selected. Lastly, an interesting thing happened at the end of the interview with the candidate who was selected. The HR director asked her, “What would your current work peers say about you?” The candidate replied, “I could never be called a backstabber. If I stab you, I’ll be looking you in the face.”

Assume you are the team leader in the training and development branch of the large corporate HR organization discussed in this week’s vignette.

  • Was the selection correct or incorrect in your opinion? Should the candidate who had all the right answers have been the person selected?
  • Should the face stabber response have disqualified or confirmed the candidate as the right candidate for selection? Why or why not?
  • What other points of discussion would you raise based on the scenario described?

Remember that any time you use sources to support your statements, you need to reference and properly cite those sources using current APA standards.250 words

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