Continuity and recovery to an incident.

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Discuss the need to monitor expenses related to the response, continuity and recovery to an incident. How is this need best accomplished? How would it be different under the Incident Command System?

It is always important to react to the disaster situations as fast as possible to save the lives; it is just that the methods applied are different. The costs are to be cut off by keeping an eye on expenses. If the method applied costs more than that it took to recover the disaster then the method wouldn’t be successful. The cost has to be monitored at each and every stage. Usually, the experts are hired to take care of this job.

The Incident Command System is recommended because it can handle the situations resulting losses. This ICS provides the perfect details about the incident. In order to get the right results it hardens the organizations structure by providing clear line of authority. They should also make sure that, there is a perfect plan and strategies when the incident occur, thus providing less trouble.

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