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Chemistry questions need to be answered about experiment

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Volume in the syringe (mL) The Experiment is Exploring the Properties of Gases 25 Volume and Absolute Temperature 20 15 10 5 0 318.75 315.15 310.65 306.65 Abuslote Temperature (ºC) 301.05 #Answer the following questions: 1- what is the purpose for this experiment. 2- Hypothesis for this Experiment. 3-Analyze 4 tables and graph (in paragraph). 4- Analysis of the results (in paragraph) 5- Sample Calculations ( in paragraph) FOR EXAMPlE: The formula to calculate the volume of the object, volume of sphere = 4/3 r3, simply put values of pi = 3.14 and r =d/2 and apply the formula for density = mass / volume, get the answer for gold sphere = 4/3×3.14× (0.75)3 = 3.13 cm3. For the rectangle thin sheet, formula of volume will be length*width*height = 7.2×0.68×0.68 = 3.32 cm3 for right circular cylinder, formula for volume, V = r2h = 3.14 * (4.26)

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