Complementarity and Interrelationship brief discussion

  1. So after reading this chapter and reading one of the motivations for positive psychology (e.g. to balance out the negative), what did you learn about positive psychologists and negative events? Do they just focus on the positive? What approach do they take and why?
  2. Is humankind inherently good? What research can you find to support or disprove this notion?
  3. After completing the assigned readings this week, why do you think positive psychology is suddenly gaining prominence and attention?
  4. What does subjective wellbeing mean to you? How is this similar / different to happiness?
  5. Positive Affect and A Meaningful Life brief discussion.
  6. Reliability and Validity of SWB Measures brief discussion
  7. Complementarity and Interrelationship brief discussion
  8. Mapping Contours of Positive Psychology brief discussion
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Asian American 3

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Environmental Science Question

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What is the command for it?

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