Compilers, 5 question midterm

Midterm will be Ch 1-3 (Book attached)

Topics: Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis.

Subtopics include : FSM, DFSM, Phases of compiler, Tokens and Lexemes, Syntax and Semantics, Parse Trees, Righmost/Leftmost derivations, defferent types of parsing: Top-Down, Bottum-Up, LR, etc…

75 Minute Time Limit!

All on computer, no drawings. Will have computations though, Such as for FSM, can use tulples or table.

5 questions all together.

1 Question will be Conceptual/understanding. Free response. From any chapter. (1-3)

Ex. Name 5 steps of compilation process.

Ex. What is cross compilation?

Ex. Can a Turing machine recognize regular languages? Why? (Yes, Chompks Hierarchy)

Can have multi parts, at least 3, each 5 points.

Next part:

Based on homework assignments. (2 Q&A PDF attached)

HW is 80% of exam.

Look at the lecture notes. (Attached as well)

3.11 1 question with epsilons.

3.11 HW up to first sets only.

Wednesday: i will post sample midterm questions.

EXAM WILL BE ON THURSDAY (16TH) 2:30PM LOS ANGELES TIME!1 hour agoATTACHMENTSsample_midterm.pdfchapter2_hw_q_a.pdfchapter3_hw_q_a.pdfmaterial_for_midterm

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