Comparison of Implicit Rhetorical Theories (Proof-Ready Draft of Essay #1)

Comparison of Implicit Rhetorical Theories (Proof-Ready Draft of Essay #1)

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Submit work for this assignment in three stages:

A rough draft of the essay (see guidelines for this in the syllabus) by Thursday, Feb. 11

A proof-ready draft of the essay (see guidelines in the syllabus) to be submitted by Thursday, Feb. 18.

A final draft of the essay to be submitted for grading by Monday, Feb. 22.

The Essay #1 Assignment

Option 1. Presumptions about Audience for Restorative vs. Retributive Justice

Compare and contrast likely rhetorical practices for advocates working in the contexts of “restorative” versus “retributive justice. To support your analysis, use examples and principles from the assigned readings and the movie Twelve Angry Men. In brief, how would an attorney act differently if the context for adjudication was different in the ways theorized by Howard Zehr?

Option 2. Analysis of how argumentation worked to guide juror decision-making

What examples stand out most vividly of how argument or persuasion may have influenced juror decision-making in the movie Twelve Angry Men? Explain what those examples illustrate, either about ideals for legal rhetoric or its possible limits or flaws.

Writing Expectations (for either case)

Every essay should have a title, introduction, body, conclusion, and list of references (each indexed–by author or title–to actual in-text parenthetical citations: i.e., no “unused” references and no indexing to name of the publication). The essay should have 1” margins, 12-point Times (New) Roman font, numbered pages, and, indented block quotes for any quoted passage longer than 40 words. The body shall consist of individual paragraphs that develop declared claims, which should be clearly presented as the paragraph’s topic sentence). The writing should use paraphrasing, quotation, and citation conventions to clearly distinguish original reasoning (that is, your thinking and argumentation) from sourced material. Each paragraph should include and showcase some original thinking of yours. Any paragraph that contains only summary, paraphrase, or quotation should be omitted.

(If, when I grade your essay, I cannot tell from your use of citation conventions where your original thought ends and your sourced material begins, I will return the essay as insufficiently proofread and give it a preliminary grade no higher than a D. Alternatively, if I come across a paragraph that contains no clearly presented original reasoning (i.e., is only summary, paraphrase, and/or quotation), then I will do the same. For further clarification of this grading policy, please “Grading Criteria for Written Work” in the syllabus.

reading requirements :…ATTACHMENTSzehr_1985.pdf

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