Compare and contrast two leadership theories.

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Čiutienė, R., & Petrauskas, P. (2012). Management by objectives using coaching. Economics & Management, 17(4), 1559–1563. (search in the Kaplan Online Library)

Topic 1: Discussion topic: Management by Objectives

After reading the assigned Management by Objectives article above, please share your perception of the management by objectives model and noted strengths and weaknesses of the model. As a leader, what approaches might you apply to influence employee “buy in” to targeted organizational objectives intended to increase?

Topic 2: Leadership

Please read A synthesis of leadership theories and styles.

1) Compare and contrast two leadership theories.

Then review this leadership tutorial before you:

2) Describe the leadership style you use most often or would use in a leadership role. Landis, E. A., Hill, D., & Harvey, M. R. (2014). A synthesis of leadership theories and styles. Journal of Management Policy & Practice, 15(2), 97–100. (search in the Kaplan Online Library)

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