Comparative Method (Literature Review)

A literature review brings together existing work on a particular issue or questions and involves identifying key contributions to the development of relevant theories, concepts and ideas.

A literature review is more than an annotated bibliography or descriptive list of major works in the field because it contains a strong critical element. It goes beyond summarising the work of others by analysing their strengths and their limitations.

This assessment piece is designed to introduce the task of preparing a literature review by asking you to compare and contrast the two set readings (that I will Attached it)

This is what it need to do with preparing:

1. Write a brief summary of each reading highlighting the author’s purpose (why have they written the piece; what are they trying to do); and how they have achieved that purpose (the way they have constructed the piece; the material they have used).

2. A discussion of the similarities and the differences between the two pieces (compare and contrast).

3. An evaluation (which one is better, in what ways, and why).

The Requirements for Literature Review:

It is best to organize the discuss each one separately and then adding a paragraph or two comparing and contrasting them.

Review should begin with a very short introduction, identifying the readings, describing the task, and outlining the way the piece is to be organised. It should finish with a very brief conclusion which restates your main evaluative points…….

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