Community Assessment and Windshield Survey

Community Assessment and Windshield Survey for zip code 75070 and identify community concern/problem that would need to be addressed by community nurse. Relate the problem to Healthy People 2020 objectives. Incorporate windshield survey as a guide as to what you see as you drive or walk through the community. Address the following areas community vitality, indicators of social and economic conditions, health resources, environmental conditions related to health, social functioning, attach 4 pictures displaying any of the above characteristics of selected community. Use official statistical data (US Census Bureau, National Center for Health Statistics, health dept etc). Address following parameters: geography, population, environment, industry, education, recreation, religion, communication, transportation, public services, disaster programs, community services. 6-8 page APA format paper

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Asian American 3

I need support with this Asian Studies question so I can learn better. Write a review of the reading Marcus and Chen Inside Outside Chinatown Requirements: 250+   |   .doc fileATTACHMENTSmarcus_and_chen_inside_outside_chinatown.pdf

Environmental Science Question

m trying to learn for my Environmental Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help? Helpful Video on a shark field study: Turks & Caicos Islands: Field Research on Sharks (Links….

What is the command for it?

I’m working on a linux question and need a sample draft to help me understand better. What is the command for this, one line is all I need to solve….