-Commerce Technology Management Master’s Comprehensive

The headquarters of Unity Health Systems have been receiving increasing number of customer complaints with regards to the service at a clinic in Greenville, TX. A solution provider team was immediately formed, and was assigned to that clinic to explore the conditions and to improve the system. You are assigned as the technology manager for this team.
a) How would you determine the unsatisfactory conditions in this clinic? What methods or tools would you utilize? Explain in detail how to apply these methods/tools for this project.

b) Assume that you determined 35 different unsatisfactory conditions. Would you try to address all of them? Or how would you prioritize these conditions? What methods/tools would you utilize? Explain in detail.

c) After the project to improve the service in this clinic has started, what tools or methods would you use to keep track of the progress? Explain in detail how to apply these tools for this project.


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