Climate Zone Comparison

Climate Zone WorksheetENV/315 Version 41

University of Phoenix Material

Climate Zone Worksheet

· Choose one rural area listed below and one large urban area near your home.

· Glaciers, the Amazon Rainforest, the Serengeti desert, polar ice caps, tundra, the Great Barrier Reef, pine forests, farmlands, or grasslands

· Use the table below to list the following:

· Key elements of each climate zone

· Types of pollution found in each area

· Six living organisms found in each area

· Three landforms in each area

· Compare how pollution affects the climate of each area.

· Include the effects on living organisms and the physical environment.

Rural Area – <Type Name Here>Urban Area – <Type Name Here>
Key elements
Types of pollution
Living organisms (six)
Effects on the climate
Effects onliving organisms
Effects on thephysical environment
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