Choose three elements out of seven (7) marketing mix elements and suggest a new and appealing marketing strategy for a brand that are relevant to the new target market



Assignment 2 is a continuation of Assignment 1. Based on what your proposed new target market, differentiation and positioning strategy that you have proposed in Assignment 1 for the brand, you must now recommend a detailed marketing mix strategy that will help the brand to successfully achieve their objectives.


Brands available:

  1. A) Sushi Sushi
  2. B) Lush
  3. C) Google Daydream Virtual Reality (VR)


Your lecturer has provided you with a brand in class in Week 3 and you have used the brand for your Assignment 1. Please make sure you use the same brand for this assignment.


Your task is to choose three elements out of seven (7) marketing mix elements and suggest a new and appealing marketing strategy for the brand that you have been allocated to that are relevant to the new target market, differentiation and positioning strategy that have been discussed in Assignment 1. This assignment contains information on the relevant marketing mix for the target markets identified in the previous assignment (Assignment 1). Your report MUST include Product and Promotion elements, plus ONLY one other marketing mix elements of your choice in your report.


You must provide:

1) Cover page

2) Table of Content

3) Reference list


Section and Marks Breakdown:


Section Marks Details (suggested breakdown of word limit and references are in brackets)


5 Background Summary of Assignment 2:

In the provided template for Assignment 2, identify your proposed:

·         target market

·         consumer profile

·         differentiation bases

·         positioning statement

that you have developed in Assignment 1


Please ensure that you use the Assignment 2 template and put this information in the provided table, otherwise this will form part of your word count!


(1300 words)

75 Marketing Mix Strategy:

Using three (3) marketing mix elements, please develop a fully referenced strategy for each element that will be appealing to the new target market and consistent with the new differentiation and positioning strategy. What should they change with these elements, so they can attract the new target market?


Please note:

·         you MUST choose Product and Promotion

·         only select one (1) more element to be discussed here

·         use relevant theory to support your recommendations


(200 words)

15 Conclusions and Implicatinos for the Company:

Make sure your conclusion and implications:

·         summarise the important elements of both assignments (1&2)

·         state the implications for the brand (what does these recommendations mean for them?)

Reference List


(and General Communications)

5 Reference List and General Communications

·         Use credible and relevant references (minimum of 7 different references (at least 4 being peer-reviewed references)

·         Correct and consistent use of Deakin Harvard Referencing format

·         Professional business report (avoid 1st person expression i.e. I, we, us

·         Free of grammar and spelling mistakes


The breakdown of words are suggestions only. You may vary the words per section. The maximum word count (1500 words +- 10%) is based on the total words of the submitted document.

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