Channel Hydraulics

This class is for Master semester! This is a short online quiz with 15 multiple choice questions in 30 mins. The time is fixed at 6.15pm-6.45pm (Melbourne time) on 8th September. Only 30 mins, and only 15 short questions. (You can see one question at a time on your screen. You can attempt one question only once. Once you submit the answer for a particular question, that question will be locked and you cannot go back and change the answer.)

This is Civil Hydraulics class, and the quiz is about channel hydraulics, most of the question are Theoretical questions, only few calculations. You have to familiar with “Key concepts of open-channel flow” “Principles of conservation” “Friction formula in open channels” “Friction formulae in gradually-varied flow and natural channels” “Supplementary material” “Specific energy” “Hydraulic jumps” “Gradually Varied Flow (GVF) profiles” “subcritical, critical, supercritical” These basic knowledge from Master degree in Civil.

I would like to pay 50 bucks if there is only 1 or none question that is incorrect. And 40 bucks if there is 2-3 questions which are incorrect. 30 bucks if there is 4-5 questions which are incorrect. I would not pay anything if there is mistake more than 5. When you accept it, which means you understand and agree with it.


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